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Descent from Ragnvald Mørejarl

Ragnvald Mørejarl, Harald Hårfagre's henchman, is at an interesting juncture in the genealogical tree.

His father-line reaches back to Fornjot, the ancient giant of Finland.

The man Snorre claims as his son, Ganger-Rolf, called Rollo in Normadie, is a founding father of lots of European dynasties - but his descent is disputed; some claim he was a Dane. The Explicio foundation has taken on an effort to DNA-test some of his descendants.

This page looks at the other side: What possible male-line descendants do we have who were NOT descendants of Ganger-Rolf?


HistoryLink's "descendant chart" with Y-chromosome only can give us 15 generations a shot. Some samples:

Then it's just a matter of picking out the branches of the star that reach the furthest and explore them further.

Ragnvald's other sons

Brothers of Ganger-Rolf:

  • Ivar (Snorre)
  • Tore Teiande (Snorre)
  • Gutum (known only from Dudo of Saint-Quentin) - since he's on the "Rollo" side of documentation, not explored here.


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