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As previously mentioned, Curators are users who are active and well regarded by the community. Curators are volunteers and are not Geni staff. They are users like you, and most have been actively working on the collaborative project of creating a shared historical family tree for over two years.

List of Curators

Curator Areas of Focus Languages
Rehan Allahwala works with Asian lines English, Urdu
Anne M Berge works with Western Norwegian nobility and connections to Orkney, Scotland, Normandie and Anglo-Saxons, and DNA genealogy norsk, svenska, dansk, English, Deutsch
Bjørn P. Brox works with old Nordic/Viking and Scandinavian noble lines norsk, svenska, dansk, English, Deutsch
Gene Daniell 4 works with the Daniell, Merrill, Holt, and connected trees, and Plantagenets English, French
Farkas Mihály László works with Hungarian, Polish, German, Austrian, Slovak, Serbian, Czech families Hungarian, English
Terry Jackson works with William the Conqueror descendants down through the Plantagenets English
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