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| [http://www.geni.com/people/Chad-Bouldin/5427310443420075357 Chad Bouldin] || Working mostly in Ancient Planters of America and descendant lines. || English
| [http://www.geni.com/people/Chad-Bouldin/5427310443420075357 Chad Bouldin] || Working mostly in Ancient Planters of America and descendant lines. || English
| [http://www.geni.com/people/Bjorn-P-Brox/285725352490006131 Bjørn P. Brox] || Works with old Nordic/Viking and Scandinavian noble lines || norsk, svenska, dansk, English, Deutsch
| [http://www.geni.com/people/Yigal/2834724 Yigal Burstein] ||  ||  
| [http://www.geni.com/people/Yigal/2834724 Yigal Burstein] ||  ||  

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As previously mentioned, Curators are users who are active and well regarded by the community. Curators are volunteers and are not Geni staff. They are users like you, and most have been actively working on the collaborative project of creating a shared historical family tree for over two years.

See also: Curators -- and how YOU can help

List of Curators

Curator Areas of Focus Languages
Rehan Allahwala Works with Asian lines English, Urdu
Harald Alvestrand Norway, legendary Viking lines, general busybody Norwegian, English (can make my way in Swedish, Danish and German)
Ben M. Angel Works all over, ranging from ancients to medieval Europeans to modern North and South Americans and former Soviets. Interests vary, but Chilean history has his current attention. English, some Russian, a little Spanish, smatterings of others
Dongvillo Archibald Scottish, Polish Immigration, and Colonial America English
C June Barnes South African, Scottish, English lines English, some Afrikaans; hooked on gardeners!
Susanna Engberg Barnevik
Heather Fachet Bond Works on the Mayflower families, mainly the Standish line and also the English royals- concentrating on the Tudors English
Chad Bouldin Working mostly in Ancient Planters of America and descendant lines. English
Yigal Burstein
Gene Daniell 4 Works with the Daniell, Merrill, Holt, and connected trees, and Plantagenets English, French
Philip Decker Works with Spanish Colonial era in Americas, and subsequent wars of independence through ~1900. Primary focus is Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, but will help elsewhere. Wishes to be contacted by those experienced in c.1800 Prussian East Pomerania (now Poland). Fluent in English and Spanish. Some French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalán.
Richard Eric Kuhlmey Dickinson Works with the Romanov, Egerton, (le) Scrope, de Ros, Tudor, Plantagenet, and early New Mexico lines. English, Russian, French, German, Spanish
Sharon Doubell South African Progenitors; French Huguenots; Vikings (Macbeth's & the Orkney Jarls' Scotland); Medieval Europe English, some Afrikaans, Old English, rudimentary Zulu
Peter Dutton
Maria Edmonds-Zediker Main focus is early Virginia settlement and migration into Carolinas, Kentucky and Midwest. Additional fields of interest include Eastern Cherokee, Gold Rush California and Clopton-Pecche-Peverel family lines in England and US. Volunteer work in Counts of Anjou (800-1100 AD France and England). English only.
Martin Eriksen Norsk, English
Ofir Friedman
Flemming Funch
Jeff Gentes Colonial America and French Canadian English
Anchit Gupta Indian Royal Dynasties and communities dating from Puranas and vedas timepriod English and Hindi
Kevin Hanit
Andrzej Hennel Poland and Central Europe (16th-18th century Polish Commonwealth) Polish, English, French and Russian
George J. Homs Nederlands, English, Francais and Spanish
Alastair Honeybun English and German settler groups to South Africa. Early Pioneer Settlers to Western Australia and ancestral lineage in England and Scotland . English
Erica Isabel Howton Works with Colonial American families and their ancestors, mostly in England and Scotland English
Sherry Houy
Myrna Huthmacher Works with many of the Royal Lines, and early settlers of America and am a part of the following projects; "Mayflower" Passengers: Colonial America in 1620 Project, Alden/Mullins Family Project, Elizabeth of York family, Henry VIII, wives, children and mistresses, Nichols/Sawyers/Converse Family Project, and Rash, & Hammer Family Project. English and German, though not fluently anymore.
Калоян Иванов Works with Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, the Balkans; also interested in the Tolkiens, Suffields and Groves families of England Bulgarian, English, a little bit of Spanish, Russian, French, German and Japanese, and also familiar with Greek and Turkish
Terry Jackson Works with William the Conqueror descendants down through the Plantagenets English
Shmuel Aharon Kam Works with the Biblical Tree, parts of the Jewish historical tree English, Hebrew
David Kaleita Works with Morrill, Morin, Colby, Chase and Stevens branches English
Marsha Gail (Kamish) Veazey Works mostly with early colonial Americans and onward. I love to help others. I don't participate in discussion (y'all know why) but don't hesitate to send me a link to one if someone's asking for help and you think I can offer it. English
Günther Kipp Works with european mostly danish and german nobels: Emperors/kings/dukes/ and other. Have made many projects on the same issues Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English and German
Farkas Mihály László Works with Hungarian, Polish, German, Austrian, Slovak, Serbian, Czech families Hungarian, English
Kristi Colonial America, English and French Royalty
Victar Spanish and Portuguese Royalty, Colonial Puerto Rico English, Spanish
Vance Barrett Mathis
Brendan Molloy Working on a large cleanup of duplicate profile and tree conflicts. Also works in the areas of Mayflower Families and English Royalty English and partial Hebrew, German and Spanish
Liivi Murumets Working on Estonian & Irish trees (recent generations), Presidents (of Estonia, of Ireland), Eurovision. Geni Help Desk Estonian & English
Malka Mysels Working on the Jewish Historic Tree, Gladly help with Projects English, Hungarian, partial Yiddish & Hebrew
Kim Odenweller
Ashley Odell Bahamas / Turks & Caicos; New England/expansion of New England; North Carolina; women's history; notable educators; religious figures; social organizations English, Bahamian Creole; intermediate Spanish, French, German, Latin
Janet Palo-Jackson Works with Colonial Quakers, English nobility English
Lúcia Pilla Works with Portuguese, Spanish, and French branches Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian and French
Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy Works with North America, English English
Pentti Röppänen
Henn Sarv Works with Estonian family trees and connections, Carolingian and Merovingian families, the Trojan lines, Scandic-Greek families, Greek Mythology Estonian, Finnish, English, and Russian
Randy Schoenberg Works with Austrian-Czech Jewish Families English, German, French
Lars Söderström Works mainly with Finnish family trees Swedish, Finnish, English
Catherine "Erin" Spiceland Works with Colonial America, England, Saxony, Bavaria, France, Germany, middle and ancient western European nobility, ancient and mythological Welsh and Irish lines, Bahamas English
Randy Stebbing Works with USA research primarily focused in early eastern seaboard research in Maryland, New York and Connecticut. Additional work in western USA family history research with an emphasis on Mormon Pioneer families and western settlement. English
Kris Stewart
Justin Swanström Works with medieval Europe, descents from antiquity, fictional genealogy, DNA, and heraldry English, some French, German, and Latin, smattering of Swedish and Lakota
Jadranka Works with Croatia (in particular Dalmatia) and Croatian rulers (and links to Hungarian, Austrian, Bosnian, Italian, Serbian, Turkish) Fluent English and Croatian (Serbian/Bosnian), understanding most Slavic Languages and Italian
Tammy Swingle Works mostly with Colonial American family lines. I sometimes work with their ancestors in European countries. English
Peter Trefilov
Geoffrey Trowbridge Usually lost among the Acadian lines, midwestern Menno-Amish familes, royal and/or mythological lineages, and living celebrities. English and a tiny bit of Spanish
Lara Urlić Works on Croatian genealogy,Croatian diaspora from Makarska Rivijera to New Zeland,Australija,USA...., catholic priests from Makarska Rivijera,Croatien politicians.... Croatian,English,German,Latin,and understand Italian and some other Slavic language.
David Usherwood
Margaret Verner
Daniel Walton Works with mostly colonial US parts of the tree English
Kwame Welsh Native American, African, Colonial and Western U.S. history and Military history My first languages are English and Patois (Jamaican dialect). I have learned French and Spanish in NYC. I can read some German, Portuguese, etc. I've also tried to learn some Hebrew and Greek (to read old versions of the Bible). I have taken single or multiple classes for Kreyol (Haitian dialect), Nahuatl (Aztec language), etc.
Lori Wilke
Pam Wilson Works with medieval French, Norman and Anglo-Norman families of the 10th-12th centuries. American interests include primarily rural Southeastern US families (17th-19th centuries) English, French and Latin
Richard Wilson
Angus Wood-Salomon Started working on Trees from Trinidad, West Indies, found myself in Barbados then Venezuela, I started helping users in different parts of the English speaking trees, recently with the addition of more Caribbean users I have joined some of those projects. English
Annemarie Healy Ireland and the British Isles, Scotland, Irish and British Isles Peerage, Dutch genealogy ,Userhelp: Merges, adding as Manager, deleting profiles, repair relationships, research in Ireland,United Kingdom and the Netherlands English, Dutch, German
Tobias Rachor Europe, Germany, (Rachor-families and their siblings worldwide), German emigrants ,Userhelp: Merges, adding as Manager, deleting profiles, repair relationships, research in Europe, United States, South America, Australia English, German
Donovan Penaluna South Africa, Europe, Penaluna family. Also works on the Walsh, Graham and Meyer lines, Userhelp: Merges, Repair relationships, Research in South Africa. Anglo Boer war and Pilgrim's Rest English, Afrikaans
Donald Colvin Mostly the Commonwealth of Virginia, mostly just common folks post Colonial to present day English, remember some Latin from college
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