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Geni is going to open up a process for which forum members or Geni members can create Video FAQ's. In turn, Geni will compensate them for their time. [1] Please read the entire page before starting so you are clear on the process.

Suggested Software to use

  • Mac -

Video & Audio Quality

  • Screen resolution: ?
  • Audio bitrate: Between 22 kbps and 128 kbps

How to

The process:

  1. Pick A Video FAQ topic
  2. Write a script including Audio and Visual details
  3. Send Script for Approval to
  4. Record Session
  5. Produce Video
  6. Upload Video to YouTube
  7. Send link and payable information to
  8. Geni Approves Video and Sends You a Check

Suggested Standards & Best Practice

  • Use allocated tutorial tree with log in information below:

Email Address:


  • First Screen should be the 'Geni Homepage'
  • Introduction must start with: "Welcome to this Geni Video segment where we will show you how to...'
  • A video faq should not be longer than 2.5 minutes
  • [1]
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