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The ability to capture event details can be very useful in genealogy. Knowing what types of events a person participated in or attended can clue you in as to the type of person they are now or were at one time. A description of the event such as the date and location, a summary, and photos can also serve as pieces to the puzzle and aid you in building your family history.

Geni offers a Timeline feature that allows you to easily visualize time-based events for each family member. For each event that you create you can add all of the pertinent information listed above. Also, Geni's collaborative aspect allows a single event to display on the Timeline of each person who was an attendee, participant or a fan of the event.

To create an Event go to your Profile, navigate to the Timeline, add an Event title and year, and click 'Add Event'. If you want to add more details when you create an event, use the 'Add more details' link.

Events to Create

Examples of Events to Create are:

  • Life Changing
  • It Was So Romantic
  • Great Adventures
  • Favorite Travels
  • Club Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Business Events
  • Food Events
  • Animal Events
  • Learning Events
  • Political Events
  • Religious Events
  • Music Events
  • Holidays

Create an Event Now

Prepopulated Events

Geni automatically prepopulates your Timeline with Events if you have already added the related content elsewhere within your Tree or Profile. The prepopulated Events are:

  • Marriage
  • Birth
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Burial
  • Baptism
  • Work
  • School

See Prepopulated Events Now

Additional Details

Some other details that can be described within the Event Description are:

  • Family Recipe that is always served on that Holiday
  • Thoughts or feelings during the Event
  • Special traditions
  • Funny story
  • Memorable moment within the Event

To add additional details go to your profile and click on the Event that you want to add additional details to.

Add Additional Details Now

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