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Canada is the second largest country in the world. Bordered by the USA to the south and to the northwest.


Canada is a bilingual country. Some speakers are fluent in English, some are fluent in French (especially in the province of Quebec), and some speak both. The Québécois dialect differs from the French spoken in France, but for the purposes of the Geni, regular French is close enough.

Internet availability

High-speed Internet is available in most locations, and is used about as frequently as in the US.

Other things to consider

Interest in Genealogy

Date Format

Canada uses all 3 date formats.

  • Day, Month, Year (DD/MM/YY or YYYY)
  • Month, Day, Year (MM/DD/YY or YYYY)
  • Year, Month, Day (YYYY or YY/MM/DD)

Units of Measure

Canada officially uses the metric system, however most people in Canada still think in terms of imperial measurement.


Height is informally measured in feet and inches in most cases, however medical, government and police use metric as the unit of measure.


Weight is officially measured in kilograms but many Canadians know their weight in pounds only. Again, medical, government and police normally use metric as a unit of measure.


Distance is measured in kilometers, Canadians alive before the switch to metric still can be quoted as using miles, but many young Canadians only know kilometers. When relating distances to someone they are usually given as the time it would take to drive between the distances. For example, "Toronto is about an hour from Hamilton".

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