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One, two or three? And were they all children of Helge and Synneva, or not?

Digitalarkivet, census:

Many others at but not close enough.

There's a bygdebok for Leikanger (from which Balestrand has been subdivided around 1850), but it's not on

  • Brithe born 23 jan 1848 - of Helge and Synneve, Leikanger
  • The same as above but dated 24 Jan Balestrand - likely the Klokkerbok and the Ministerialbok differ
    • Ministerialbok link #6 - born 24 Jan, baptised 30 Jan - "Gmd Helge Baardsen og Synneve Bottolfsdtr??? Thue" - book is from Balestrand. There are 3 more Brithe just on that page; popular name at the time!

There's no listing of any Brithe Helgesdatter dying between 1846 and 1848 in the same church book.

The 1865 census for Tjugum doesn't show Ole Kristensen, but does show a Kristen, aged 58.

The 1900 census shows no related names at the Tjugum farms.

Ole's census:

CURRENT THEORY: The older Brithe married Ole. The pastor at her wedding got her birthdate wrong. The younger Brithe never married, and stayed a "tjenestejente" all her life, to be counted in the 1900 census as unmarried.

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