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Many lines of European Royalty (and some of the Pharaohs) trace their ancient lineage all the way back to the biblical era, mostly through various descendants of Noah or Judah. Many Jewish families trace their lineages to the Royal House of David, and the Exilarchs that followed them.

As these most ancient lines are SO far back (Bible ends about 90 generations ago), it is highly recommended to NOT connect directly with them, but rather to find a most RECENT ancestor that connects to them and connect to that. This will reduce the number of duplicates and subsequent merges.

Important Note: NOT all of these profiles actually appear in the Bible. Many are taken from non-canonical sources, from a whole assortment of traditions. Please respect the work other people have put in, and do NOT remove these "additions".

Central Profiles

There are presently at least thirty copies of the Biblical Tree on Geni. Each copy has between 200 to 1000 profiles in it, depending on how thorough and extensive it is.


Noah (10 generations later).

Abraham (10 generations later).

King David.

Josiah one of the final Kings in the House of David.

[Zerubabel] first of the Exilarchs.

List of duplicate copies

Merges in progress.

  1. Mahalahel managed by Rose Appignani Spahr.
  2. Adam managed by Jerry Daniel Peardon.
  3. Adam managed by Rodrigo G. Castel.
  4. Adam managed by Eric Garner Stroud. Pending invite accept.

Connected to the Big-Tree:

  1. ADAM-ISH-Adam-lived-930-yrs managed by Vera Susan MERAN. Refused merge for privacy reasons.
  2. Adam-adda-Ben-the-PATRIARCH managed by Chanda L BOYLES. No longer uses Geni. No interest.
  3. ADAM-HARISHON managed by Richard Andrew Klein.
  4. Adam managed by Anne Mørkved. Has not responded to queries in both English (Shmuel Aharon) and Norwegian (Brox).
  5. First Man Adam managed by Gail Kern (Harbert) (Kris Stewart has Permission).

Profiles NOT connected to the Big-Tree:

  1. Adam managed by Abel (his son).
  2. Adam- managed by Cain Adam (his son).
  3. Adam-ben-Adamah "Started family tree".
  4. Adam-Of-Eden managed by Marlow Einelund.
  5. Adam-of-God managed by Jesus Christ of David (his "half-brother").
  6. Adam-First-Man "Started family tree".
  7. Adam-Creature-of-God-s-Ben-God managed by Joseph Bilodeau.
  8. Adam-1st-man- managed by Matthew Smith.
  9. -Adam, -Adam, -Adam, -Adam, -Adam, -Adam All six copies managed by Mark Batchelder. Strangely enough, they have the first name fields all set to '-', and actual names in the last name field!
  10. Adam-Harishon "Started family tree".
  11. Seth-Ben-Adam managed by Brittany Taylor Lange.
  12. Bc-Shem (presumed to be son of Noah) managed by Cyn.
  13. Adam first man managed by Rachel of Haran.
  14. ADAM, First Patriarch managed by Larry CHESEBRO'.
  15. Adam First Man "Started family tree".
  16. Adam The First Man Of The Human Family managed by Danny Dale Hatfield .
  17. Adam Son Of God managed by Charles Redwen.


  1. Adam "Started family tree".
  2. Adam managed by Corrine Renae Doxey.
  3. ADAM managed by Ron Duane Franklin. This is a very partial tree, with only 147 profiles in it.
  4. Adam-na- managed by Kurt Bestor.
  5. ADAM-v-4000-v-3070- managed by Jean Pavloff.

Project Members

Shmuel Aharon Kam started this project.

[Nadav Barkai]

[Malka Mysels]

[Kris Stewart] was also extremely helpful getting this project started. Thanks Kris! [Scott Hibbard] was the first to give me Family Group permissions, giving me a toe-hold to start from.

Family Group Permissions

As SO many people had copies of this extensive tree or have added profiles to it, there is little point in listed them all (presently at least 24 people). If you need the full list, just ask Shmuel Aharon.


At least 8 copies of this tree, have already merged together. As such, the existing tree has been gone over everything as far as the last of the Kings of David, with a fine comb, and verified the tree against various printed sources.

So from now on, instead of repeating hundreds of merges all over again each time, for each new copy of the tree that is "merged", and cleaning them up yet again, new trees should be "pruned". This means finding the LATEST point(s) that these copies diverge from the base tree, and grafting the new "branches" on at those points. After verifying that everything in the newly merged copy is also in the "main" tree, those [hundreds of] duplicate earlier profiles can be deleted.

Related sources

Naming Conventions

In the Biblical lines alternate names (spellings or actual names) are seperated by / marks, the "English" spellings first and then the Hebrew. The surname field is ALWAYS left blank, unless the person has a specific title (mostly kings).

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