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This is a Merge Project page.

Many lines of European Royalty (and some of the Pharaohs) trace their ancient lineage all the way back to the biblical era, mostly through various descendants of Noah or Judah. Many Jewish families trace their lineages to the Royal House of David, and the Exilarchs that followed them.

As these most ancient lines are SO far back (Bible ends about 90 generations ago), it is highly recommended to NOT connect directly with them, but rather to find a most RECENT ancestor that connects to them and connect to that. This will reduce the number of duplicates and subsequent merges.

Please read the following FAQ before sending us questions.


  • While I (Shmuel Aharon Kam) may manage a large percent of these profiles, that is because they were GIVEN to me. I did NOT add the profile for G-d, and find it objectionable, but...
  • NOT all of these profiles actually appear in the Bible. Many are taken from non-canonical sources, from a whole assortment of traditions, so...
  • Please respect the work other people have put in, and Do NOT remove these "additions".
  • As to the "photos" of these people, we all know these are merely paintings, done by various artists throughout the ages. As such please don't take them too seriously.
  • As to whether Adam had a belly-button or not (he obviously had no NEED for one). Personally I couldn't care less! Christian theologists debated this for ages (I have no idea what conclusions they may have reached). Jewish theology explains that the human form (i.e. shape and other physical aspects) directly reflect the inner metaphysical structure of Creation (See 'Adam Kadmon' and the 'Tree Of Life' which also has a representation as a human). As such, the belly-button ALSO has meaning. So Adam would have had one too, regardless of his not needing it's function.

Central Profiles

The following profiles are a few useful Bible notables. There is also the Bible Tree Cheat Sheet, which lists the entire "main line" line (54 generations) of the Biblical tree from Adam until Zerubbabel.

Extent of Project and Cross-Over Profiles

The end of the [Jewish] Biblical Era, is typically considered to be in the times of Zerubbabel, who led the return to Israel, of the Jews exiled to Babylon, after the First Temple was destroyed. This project covers everything until then.

Additional "edges" of this tree are the Ancient or European Royalty lineages, that connect to it at various points. Such as:

Project Members

Kris Stewart was also extremely helpful in getting this project started. Thanks Kris! Scott Hibbard was the first to give me Family Group permissions, giving me a toe-hold to start from.

Family Group Permissions

Listed in no particular order, although the first couple of names presently manage the majority of the profiles. This list is probably NOT complete. On the other hand, it is not certain that all of the following retain management of any profiles.

Naming Conventions

See generic Naming Conventions page.

  1. In the Biblical lines alternate names (spellings or actual names) are separated by / marks, the "English" spellings first and then the Hebrew (Hebrew only present when actual Hebrew sources exist).
  2. The surname field is ALWAYS set to a single period ( . ), unless the person has a very specific title (mostly kings). This helps keep all of the records the same (especially after merges, which might otherwise mess up the name), and enables the name to be found, in the Go To tab at the bottom of the tree (which doesn't work for blank surnames).
  3. The maiden-name field is also ALWAYS set to a period. Leaving it blank would cause the various funky stuff that people put in the maiden-name field to be automatically accepted when doing merges (which we want to avoid).


At least 50 copies of this tree, have already merged together. As such, the existing tree has been gone over everything as far as the last of the Kings of David, with a fine comb, and the tree has mostly been verified against various printed sources.

Related sources


  1. Clean-up the tree of Esau.
  2. Validate descendants of Korah.
  3. Validate descendants of Caleb.
  4. Create a single verified line of the Exilarchs (using Encyclopedia Judeaica source material), and merge the multiple copies attached to the present main line, into this one. See profiles/trees of first Exilarch Zerubbabel, and his descendant Akkub.

List of duplicate copies

Sadly the list of duplicate copies is growing MUCH longer. It became too long to have here, so it was moved to a separate page: Biblical Tree List.

Main line ==> Adam.

Merges in progress

Due to the introduction of the Top-100 "feature", there is a whole mess of additional trees partially merged into the main one, that are slowly being cleared up.

The following is a list of ONLY those merges initiated by project members:

  1. Adam managed by XXX. ~XXX profiles.

Merges Pending (have permission)

  1. Adam managed by Yossi Pfeifer. 385 profiles. Tree should be split because it skips large number of generations somewhere after King David, until modern times.
  2. Adam managed by Yossi Pfeifer.

Useful search queries to find yet MORE copies

Good choices would be main-line names that do NOT have many spelling variants, and are NOT in common use, outside of the Bible.

  1. Arphaxad.
  2. Dodanim.
  3. Reu.
  4. Amalek.
  5. Amminadab.
  6. Zerubbabel.
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