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This page is part of the Biblical Tree Merge project.

Sadly, because Geni has not yet implemented any management policy blocking further duplicate uploads, the list of copies of the Bible Tree, grows longer MUCH faster than anyone could possibly merge (with the present tools). When this project was started (Nov, 2008) there were about 40 copies of the tree. At least 40 copies have since been merged, but... Presently (Jul, 2009), there are another 175 copies (at least). Each copy has between 200 to 1000 profiles in it, depending on how thorough and extensive it is.

Thus I have created a separate page to hold this huge list.

Connected to the Big-Tree:

  1. Adam managed by Robert "Bobby" Hobson Jr.
  2. Adam managed by Jesse Deroid Knudsen. NON-reachable.
  3. Adam managed by Philip J Fletcher.
  4. Adam managed by Andrew White.
  5. Adam managed by Noel Clark Bush.
  6. Adam managed by John W. Buschman.
  7. Adam managed by Bradley Thomas Kassian.
  8. Adam managed by Mendel Oberlander.
  9. Adam managed by James Isserles Falek.
  10. Reu managed by Heidi Suarez.

Attempted to contact:

  1. Adam managed by Eric Garner Stroud.
  2. Adam managed by Anne Mørkved. Has not responded to queries in both English (Shmuel Aharon) and Norwegian (Brox).

NOT connected to the Big-Tree:

  1. Adam managed by Karen Belle Robinson.
  2. Adam managed by Marlow Einelund.
  3. Adam managed by Matthew Smith.
  4. Adam managed by Larry CHESEBRO'.
  5. Adam managed by Charles Redwen.
  6. Adam managed by Kurt Bestor.
  7. Adam managed by Kenneth Musser Woolley.
  8. -Adam, -Adam, -Adam, -Adam, -Adam,-Adam SIX copies managed by Mark Batchelder.
  9. Seth managed by Brittany Taylor Lange.
  10. Bc-Shem, Bc Shem AND Shem Sceaf managed by Cyn. (all three presumed to be sons of Noah)
  11. Mahalaleel managed by Joe Lamech.

Trees managed by "historical profiles"

(i.e. not the person who actually entered them).

  1. Adam "Started family tree". <=== (is Brocha Goldschmiedt).
  2. Adam "Started family tree".
  3. Adam "Started family tree".
  4. Adam "Started family tree".
  5. Adam managed by Abel (his son).
  6. Adam- managed by Cain Adam (his son).
  7. Adam managed by Jesus Christ of David (his "half-brother").
  8. Adam managed by Rachel of Haran.

Not available for merge:

  1. Adam managed by Vera Susan MERAN. Explicitly does NOT want her biblical line merged.
  2. Adam managed by Chanda L BOYLES. No longer uses Geni. No interest.
  3. Adam managed by Richard Andrew Klein. Not interested in adding anyone to Family Group to do this merge.
  4. Shet managed by Sherry Schenk, is in the process of deleting her tree.
  5. Adam managed by Joseph Bilodeau. Private "work-copy".
  6. Adam managed by Danny Dale Hatfield . Private "work-copy".
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