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# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000004114866604 Adam] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000001548231070 Mimi ARCALA.]  
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000004114866604 Adam] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000001548231070 Mimi ARCALA.]  
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000004173539354 Adam 0] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000004173595549 Seth 130.]  
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000004173539354 Adam 0] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000004173595549 Seth 130.]  
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/944168 Adam Firstman] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/944166 Seth SonofAdam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/944168 Adam Firstman] managed by [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/944166 Seth SonofAdam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/258353 Adam 1.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/300578895080006495 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/302805388960007140 Adam ???.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/318532175120002772 Adam C.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/321307253180001710 Adam Genesis.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/323360822600001112 Adam Eden.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075076867460031804 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075089012010071836 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075097161250031794 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075109230260072376 Adam Eve.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075115452030032025 Adam Eve.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075119303420048636 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075120816990031963 Adam Eve.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075129649320022018 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075140407460032133 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4075193267870124467 Adam ..]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4076931983610049042 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4077326455230021731 Adam ..]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4085885091720023130 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4213513915170053348 Adam ..]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4213964788040127157 Adam ..]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4257025888120127276 Adam ..]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4257053384410127509 Adam ..]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4257073358910040335 Adam ..]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4257107947270040640 Adam ..]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4432488780360069404 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4680651 Adam Harishon.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/4852858295430075305 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/5115125305910055224 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/5380076514660025522 Adam ....]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/5468466412200070578 Adam ׳³ן¿½׳³ג€�׳³ן¿½.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/5538028203260114769 Adam First Man.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000024572629 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000061280170 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000062911488 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000189059458 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000211263398 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000248850118 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000254403065 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000318662414 Adam Godly.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000325607038 ײ³ן¿½dײ³ֲ¡m.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000432920937 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000467537824 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000477246938 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000664514306 Adam Prouty.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000799211078 Adam I.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000001091763380 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000002357326506 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000002391232238 Adam Chan.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000002465211605 Adam ????.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000002503991805 Adam Anunnaki.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000002568277682 Adam Smith.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000002589314374 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000002617459879 ADAM GODSSON.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000002838820216 Adam A.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000002880053798 Adam of'Eden.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003110034392 Adam of Eden.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003220346244 Adam Created by God.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003402153704 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003538706117 Adam Levi.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003645707054 Adam "The Adama".]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000003761815923 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000004041146888 Adam.]
# [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000004167870418 Adam in Eden.]

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This page is part of the Biblical Tree Merge project.

Sadly, because Geni has not yet implemented any management policy blocking further duplicate uploads, the list of copies of the Bible Tree, grows longer MUCH faster than anyone could possibly merge (with the present tools). When this project was started (Nov, 2008) there were about 40 copies of the tree. At least 40 copies have since been merged, but... Presently (Jul, 2009), there are another 175 copies (at least). Each copy has between 200 to 1000 profiles in it, depending on how thorough and extensive it is.

Thus I have created a separate page to hold this huge list.

Connected to the Big-Tree:

  1. Adam managed by Robert "Bobby" Hobson Jr.
  2. Adam managed by Jesse Deroid Knudsen. NON-reachable.
  3. Adam managed by Philip J Fletcher.
  4. Adam managed by Andrew White.
  5. Adam managed by Noel Clark Bush.
  6. Adam managed by John W. Buschman.
  7. Adam managed by Bradley Thomas Kassian.
  8. Adam managed by Mendel Oberlander.
  9. Adam managed by James Isserles Falek.
  10. Reu managed by Heidi Suarez.

Attempted to contact:

  1. Adam managed by Eric Garner Stroud.
  2. Adam managed by Anne Mørkved. Has not responded to queries in both English (Shmuel Aharon) and Norwegian (Brox).

NOT connected to the Big-Tree:

  1. Adam managed by Karen Belle Robinson.
  2. Adam managed by Marlow Einelund.
  3. Adam managed by Matthew Smith.
  4. Adam managed by Larry CHESEBRO'.
  5. Adam managed by Charles Redwen.
  6. Adam managed by Kurt Bestor.
  7. Adam managed by Kenneth Musser Woolley.
  8. -Adam, -Adam, -Adam, -Adam, -Adam,-Adam SIX copies managed by Mark Batchelder.
  9. Seth managed by Brittany Taylor Lange.
  10. Bc-Shem, Bc Shem AND Shem Sceaf managed by Cyn. (all three presumed to be sons of Noah)
  11. Mahalaleel managed by Joe Lamech.

Trees managed by "historical profiles"

(i.e. not the person who actually entered them).

  1. Adam "Started family tree". <=== (is Brocha Goldschmiedt).
  2. Adam "Started family tree".
  3. Adam "Started family tree".
  4. Adam "Started family tree".
  5. Adam managed by Abel (his son).
  6. Adam- managed by Cain Adam (his son).
  7. Adam managed by Jesus Christ of David (his "half-brother").
  8. Adam managed by Rachel of Haran.

  1. Adam 1. "Started family tree".
  2. Adam. "Started family tree".
  3. Adam ???. "Started family tree".
  4. Adam C. "Started family tree".
  5. Adam Genesis. "Started family tree".
  6. Adam Eden. "Started family tree".
  7. Adam. "Started family tree".
  8. Adam. "Started family tree".
  9. Adam. "Started family tree".
  10. Adam Eve. "Started family tree".
  11. Adam Eve. "Started family tree".
  12. Adam. "Started family tree".
  13. Adam Eve. "Started family tree".
  14. Adam. "Started family tree".
  15. Adam. "Started family tree".
  16. Adam . "Started family tree".
  17. Adam. "Started family tree".
  18. Adam . "Started family tree".
  19. Adam. "Started family tree".
  20. Adam . "Started family tree".
  21. Adam . "Started family tree".
  22. Adam . "Started family tree".
  23. Adam . "Started family tree".
  24. Adam . "Started family tree".
  25. Adam . "Started family tree".
  26. Adam. "Started family tree".
  27. Adam Harishon. "Started family tree".
  28. Adam. "Started family tree".
  29. Adam. "Started family tree".
  30. Adam . "Started family tree".
  31. [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/5468466412200070578 Adam ׳³ן¿½׳³ג€�׳³ן¿½.] "Started family tree".
  32. Adam First Man. "Started family tree".
  33. Adam. "Started family tree".
  34. Adam. "Started family tree".
  35. Adam. "Started family tree".
  36. Adam. "Started family tree".
  37. Adam. "Started family tree".
  38. Adam. "Started family tree".
  39. Adam. "Started family tree".
  40. Adam Godly. "Started family tree".
  41. ײ³ן¿½dײ³ֲ¡m. "Started family tree".
  42. Adam. "Started family tree".
  43. Adam. "Started family tree".
  44. Adam. "Started family tree".
  45. Adam Prouty. "Started family tree".
  46. Adam I. "Started family tree".
  47. Adam. "Started family tree".
  48. Adam. "Started family tree".
  49. Adam Chan. "Started family tree".
  50. Adam ????. "Started family tree".
  51. Adam Anunnaki. "Started family tree".
  52. Adam Smith. "Started family tree".
  53. Adam. "Started family tree".
  54. ADAM GODSSON. "Started family tree".
  55. Adam A. "Started family tree".
  56. Adam of'Eden. "Started family tree".
  57. Adam of Eden. "Started family tree".
  58. Adam Created by God. "Started family tree".
  59. Adam. "Started family tree".
  60. Adam Levi. "Started family tree".
  61. Adam "The Adama". "Started family tree".
  62. Adam. "Started family tree".
  63. Adam. "Started family tree".
  64. Adam in Eden. "Started family tree".

Not available for merge:

  1. Adam managed by Vera Susan MERAN. Explicitly does NOT want her biblical line merged.
  2. Adam managed by Chanda L BOYLES. No longer uses Geni. No interest.
  3. Adam managed by Richard Andrew Klein. Not interested in adding anyone to Family Group to do this merge.
  4. Shet managed by Sherry Schenk, is in the process of deleting her tree.
  5. Adam managed by Joseph Bilodeau. Private "work-copy".
  6. Adam managed by Danny Dale Hatfield . Private "work-copy".

New and unsorted (includes duplicates of the above).

  1. Adam ? managed by Jesus Christ.
  2. Adam (Creature of God's) Adda Ben God managed by Joseph Bilodeau.
  3. Adam managed by God.
  4. Adam - managed by Seth -.
  5. Adam King managed by David King.
  6. ADAM managed by Ingvar Ejdfors.
  7. Adam Adam managed by William LaPorte.
  8. Adam 930 managed by Noah Bible.
  9. Adam Garden managed by Seth Eden.
  10. Adam Pop managed by Cain Pop.
  11. Adam Pop managed by Cain Pop.
  12. Adam managed by Abel.
  13. Adam managed by Seth.
  14. Adam ??? managed by Jesus Christ.
  15. Adam managed by James Falek.
  16. Adam Smoe managed by Joe Smoe.
  17. Adam managed by Cain.
  18. Adam Of Eden managed by Marlow Einelund.
  19. Adam of God managed by Jesus Christ of David.
  20. Adam de Deus managed by Jose de Deus.
  21. Adam . managed by Abel.
  22. Adam managed by Abraham Abraham.
  23. Adam managed by Cain.
  24. Adam God managed by Eve God.
  25. Adam/Dheghom managed by Blair Gordon.
  26. Adam . managed by Cain Adam.
  27. Adam adda Ben the PATRIARCH managed by Chanda BOYLES.
  28. Adam managed by Seth Adamson.
  29. Adam managed by Cain.
  30. Adam managed by Cain None.
  31. ADAM / ISH Adam lived 930 yrs managed by Vera Susan Meran.
  32. Adam managed by Henry VIII Tudor.
  33. Adam managed by Abram (Abraham).
  34. Adam managed by Jacob Israel.
  35. Adam managed by Adam Eve.
  36. Adam managed by Claud Osborn.
  37. Adam (michail) OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN managed by Timothy Wilson.
  38. Adam managed by Cane.
  39. [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000779311105 ׳³ן¿½׳³ג€�׳³ן¿½ ׳³ג€�׳³ֲ¨׳³ן¿½׳³ֲ©׳³ג€¢׳³ן¿½] managed by Yossi Pfeifer.
  40. Adam managed by Abel.
  41. ADAM , First Patriarch, creation of God Michael managed by Larry CHESEBRO'.
  42. [http://www.geni.com/profile/index/6000000000961697233 Adam / ׳³ן¿½׳³ג€�׳³ן¿½ ׳³ג€�׳³ֲ¨׳³ן¿½׳³ֲ©׳³ג€¢׳³ן¿½ aka Michael .] managed by Shmuel Kam.
  43. Adam managed by Cain.
  44. Adam managed by Rebecca Sattler.
  45. Adam managed by Abel.
  46. Adam managed by Eve.
  47. Adam managed by Cain.
  48. Adam (1st man) managed by Matthew Smith.
  49. Adam managed by Cain.
  50. ADAM ײ³ֲ  130 ans il engendre + 800 ans = 930 ans managed by Jean Pavloff.
  51. Adam U managed by Don Bryant.
  52. Adam managed by Cain -.
  53. Adam managed by Iman Nasir.
  54. Seth ben Adam managed by Robert "Bobby" Hobson Jr.
  55. ADAM (930) managed by CAIN.
  56. Adam managed by Seth.
  57. Adam managed by Jesus Christ.
  58. Adam (Adem) managed by Jacob (Yakup).
  59. Adam managed by Heshy / Henry.
  60. Adam managed by disregard this entry.
  61. Adam managed by Cyn.
  62. Adam managed by Cyn.
  63. Adam First Man First Man managed by David De Graw.
  64. Adam managed by Ray LaBelle III.
  65. Adam managed by Cain.
  66. Adam Unknown managed by Eve Unknown.
  67. Adam Son Of God The first man managed by Charles Redwen.
  68. Adam managed by Leighton Smith.
  69. Adam managed by George Greer.
  70. Adam first man managed by Rachel of Haran.
  71. Adam managed by Seth.
  72. Adam managed by Jesus Christ.
  73. Adam managed by Liana Foxvog.
  74. Adam (Formed of the dust of the ground; Genesis 2:7.) managed by Trevor Tennent.
  75. Adam managed by Laura Rail.
  76. Adam managed by Seth.
  77. Adam Adda ben Yahweh managed by Dennis Aubrey.
  78. Adam The First Man Of The Human Family managed by Danny Hatfield.
  79. Adam managed by Martin Budden.
  80. Adam managed by Rob Wesley.
  81. Adam managed by Dante Spurlock.
  82. ADAM * managed by Noah.
  83. Adam managed by Steven Nelson.
  84. Adam managed by Joanne Margaret Dunham.
  85. Adam managed by Joanne Margaret Dunham.
  86. ADAM GN 2:20 managed by Man's History.
  87. ADAM GN 2:20 managed by Man's History.
  88. Adam ? managed by seth ?.
  89. ADAM managed by Jerry Nelson.
  90. ADAM managed by Jerry Nelson.
  91. Adam managed by Andrew White.
  92. Adam managed by Noel Bush.
  93. Adam God managed by Moses Levi.
  94. Adam managed by Jerry Nelson.
  95. Adam managed by John W. Buschman.
  96. Adam managed by Vance Barrett Mathis.
  97. Adam managed by Vance Barrett Mathis.
  98. Adam managed by Noemi Rhapsody.
  99. Adam Son of God managed by Rune Aas.
  100. Adam managed by Drew Dedman.
  101. Adam managed by Abel.
  102. Adam managed by Philip Fletcher.
  103. Adam managed by Abraham.
  104. Adam managed by Shannon Kelsey.
  105. Adam managed by Abel.
  106. Adam managed by Mimi ARCALA.
  107. Adam 0 managed by Seth 130.
  108. Adam Firstman managed by Seth SonofAdam.
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