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This page is part of the Biblical Tree Merge project.

The last major update to this list was in July 2009.

Sadly, because Geni has not yet implemented any management policy filtering or blocking further duplicate uploads, the list of copies of the Bible Tree, grows longer MUCH faster than anyone could possibly merge (with the present tools). When this project was started (Nov, 2008) there were about 40 copies of the tree. At least 60 copies have since been merged, but... Presently (Jul, 2009), there are another 200 copies (at least). Interesting pattern that, eh? Each copy has between 200 to 1000 profiles in it, depending on how thorough and extensive it is.

Thus a separate page was created to hold this huge list.

"Main line" Adam of Big-Tree

All other Biblical trees are being merged into this one.

  1. Adam managed by Shmuel Aharon Kam.

NOT Connected

  1. Adam managed by Noemi Rhapsody.
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