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This page is part of the Biblical Tree Merge project.

When merging big trees, some of which contain plenty of errors, it is often easy to get confused as to which version is correct. So this page is a quick reference to use when merging biblical trees. As such, it will list various "main" lines in this tree.

Adam → King David → Zerubbabel

List of fifty-four generations of the "main line" of the tree from Adam until Zerubbabel.

  1. Adam
  2. Seth
  3. Enosh
  4. Cainan
  5. Mahalalel
  6. Jared
  7. Enoch
  8. Methuselah
  9. Lamech
  10. Noah
  1. Shem
  2. Arphaxad
  3. Shelach
  4. Eber
  5. Peleg
  6. Reu
  7. Serug
  8. Nahor
  9. Terah
  10. Abraham
  1. Isaac
  2. Jacob
  3. Judah
  4. Pharez
  5. Hezron
  6. Ram
  7. Amminadab
  8. Nachshon
  9. Salmon
  10. Boaz
  1. Obed
  2. Jesse
  3. David
  4. Solomon
  5. Rehoboam
  6. Abijah
  7. Asa
  8. Jehosaphat
  9. Jehoram
  10. Ahaziah
  1. Jehoash
  2. Amaziah
  3. Uzziah
  4. Jotham
  5. Ahaz
  6. Hezekiah
  7. Menasseh
  8. Amon
  9. Josiah
  10. Jehoiakin
  1. Jechoniah
  2. Shealtiel
  3. Pedaiah
  4. Zerubbabel

Cain's line

The seven generations of Cain's family are often found in mangled form, especially with regard to Lamech's two wives and four children.

Common mistakes:

  • There are TWO Lamech. 1) The bigamist in this line, and 2) Noah's father.
  • There are TWO Naama: 1) Daughter of THIS Lamech, and 2) Noah's wife (i.e. the OTHER Lamech's daughter in-law).
  • Methushael is missing or found before his father, Mehujael
  1. Cain
  2. Enoch
  3. Irad
  4. Mehujael
  5. Methushael
  6. Lamech (two wives)
  7. wife a) Ada:
    1. Jabal
    2. Jubal

wife b) Tzilla:

  1. Tubal-Cain
  2. Naamah

Noah & the 70 Nations

Too many mangled versions of Noah's grandchildren. This refers ONLY to the people named in Genesis 10. There are many more grandchildren mentioned in non-canonical sources, such as the Book of Jasher.

Shem Ham Japheth
Shem Elam
Arphaxad Shelah
Aram Uz
Ham Cush Seba
Raamah Sheba
Mizraim Ludim
Casluhim Philistines
Canaan Zidon
Japheth Gomer Ashkenaz
Javan Elishah
Dodanim / Rodanim

King David → Jesus

Based on Wikipedia article Genealogy of Jesus. This list follows the genealogy listed in Luke 3:23–38, where Jesus is described as the descendant of Nathan, son of King David.

Luke's list as far as King David, is in complete agreement with the "Old Testament" list above (with the minor addition of Cainan between Shelah and Arphaxad, as found in the Septuagint, but omitted in the traditional Bible text). As such, this list here, will start with King David.

The one MAJOR difference between the list in Luke, and the traditional line followed in the Geni tree, is that Luke has the first Exilarch Zerubbabel, "son of" Shealtiel, as descendant of this obscure Davidic line, while other, earlier sources have Zerubbabel as a direct near-descendant (great-grandson) of Jechoniah, the next-to-last King of the House of David. Luke's version does NOT make any sense, as "his" Zerubbabel would be a "nobody", having no-real claim to this Line/Title. As such, the "main-line" tree follows Luke as far Shealtiel, and then has a pointer to the "main" Zerubbabel, where the line is continued, through his son Rhesa.

This line has many duplicated or similar names (even "duplicate" father-son pairs, such as Levi → Matthat, and FIVE people named Mattathias, Matthat or Mattatha). As such, it is VERY common to find completely mangled versions of it.
Great care MUST be taken to not mess it up when merging in new copies.

The Split Line

The tree for the last four generations of this line (after Levi) is presently a tangled mess. It is NOT at all clear how (if at all), Joseph of Arimathea is related, so there are probably a dozen different versions IN this part of the tree.

  1. King David
  2. Nathan
  3. Mattatha
  4. Menna
  5. Melea
  6. Eliakim
  7. Jonam
  8. Joseph
  9. Judah
  10. Simeon
  11. Levi
  12. Matthat
  1. Jorim
  2. Eliezer
  3. Jesus
  4. Er
  5. Elmadam
  6. Cosam
  7. Addi
  8. Melchi
  9. Neri
  10. Shealtiel
  11. Zerubbabel
  1. Zerubbabel
  2. Rhesa
  1. Joanan
  2. Juda
  3. Joseph
  4. Semein
  5. Mattathias
  6. Mahath
  7. Naggai
  8. Hesli
  9. Nahum
  10. Amos
  11. Mattathias
  12. Joseph
  1. Jannai
  2. Melchi
  3. Levi
  4. Matthat
  5. Eli
  6. Joseph
  7. Jesus


While all but the first two Exilarchs (Zerubbabel and his grandfather, Salathiel) are NOT in the Bible, this part of the tree is immediately adjacent to it, so it will be handled as if it WAS part.

  1. Zerubbabel
  2. Seth
  3. Enosh
  4. Cainan
  5. Mahalalel
  6. Jared
  7. Enoch
  8. Methuselah
  9. Lamech
  10. Noah
  1. XXX
  1. XXX
  1. XXX
  1. XXX
  1. XXX

Other lists

Feel free to add any other lists you find useful.

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