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This page is part of the Biblical Tree Merge project.

When merging big trees, some of which contain plenty of errors, it is often easy to get confused as to which version is correct. So this page is a quick reference to use when merging biblical trees. As such, it will list various "main" lines in this tree.

Adam ==> King David ==> Zerubbabel

List of fifty-four generations of the "main line" of the tree from Adam until Zerubbabel.

1 - 10 11 - 20 21 - 30 31 - 40 41 - 50 51 - 54
1 Adam Shem Isaac Obed Jehoash Jechoniah
2 Seth Arphaxad Jacob Jesse Amaziah Shealtiel
3 Enosh Shelach Judah King David Uzziah Pedaiah
4 Cainan Eber Pharez King Solomon Jotham Zerubbabel
5 Mahalalel Peleg Hezron Rehoboam Ahaz
6 Jared Reu Ram Abijah Hezekiah
7 Enoch Serug Amminadab Asa Menasseh
8 Methuselah Nahor Nachshon Jehosaphat Amon
9 Lamech Terah Salmon Jehoram Josiah
10 Noah Abraham Boaz Ahaziah Jehoiakin

Other lists

Feel free to add any other lists you find useful.

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