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<h1>API Notes</h1>
<h1>API Notes</h1>

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API Notes

  • OAuth authentication.
  • Can also make calls using web browser once you're logged in
  • First pass will be read-only



  • json
  • ged (GEDCOM 5.5)
  • xml (not-GEDCOM 6)


  • ancestors
  • blood_tree
  • descendants
  • forest
  • immediate_family

Profile Access

geni.com/api/v1/profiles/<id>.<format> other
geni.com/api/v1/profiles.<format> your immediate family
geni.com/api/v1/profiles.<format>?ids=<id,id,...> up to 50 other profiles


Permission required for some.

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Display Name
  • Birth Event Id
  • Birth Date
  • Birth Location1
  • Death Event Id
  • Death Date
  • Death Location1
  • Residence Event Ids
  • Current Location/Place of Burial1
  • TBD (feel free to add desired fields here)


1Not sure if I should add location to profile. I don't want to return too much data with every profile. It's a choice between that and forcing another request to get the event data. I'm leaning toward adding flags to indicate what extra fields you want returned.

Tree Access

geni.com/api/v1/trees/<walk</<id>.<format> walk starting with other profile


  • Marriage id
  • Partner ids
  • Children ids

Event Access


Media Access

Photos, Videos, Documents, Links, ... TBD

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