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This is a Merge Project page.

Central Profiles

List of duplicate copies

Extent of Project and Cross-Over Profiles

Kings of Scotland Merge:

Daughter of Uchtred Earl of Northumbria & his third wife Ælfgifu of England (1016 or before-). Married Maldred MacCrínán of Scotland. Children: 1. Gospatric, 2. Maldred, and two anonymous daughters.

Viking and Nordic Ancestry Merge:

  • Ælfgifu, daughter of Morcar & Ealdgyth,

married to Ælfgar, son of Leofric and Godgifu (Lady Godiva), Child: Ealdgyth of Mercia who married Gryffydd and Harald Godwinsson, (no good profile example at the moment, those found have been merged with others and are full of errors)

Norman Ancestry Merge:

daughter of Richard I 'sans peur' de Normandie and Gunnor (Gunnora) de Crépon. Married twice: 1. Æthelred the Unready - Children: a. Godgifu (Goda), b. Edward the Confessor, c. Alfred Aetheling. Married 2. Canute the Great - Children: d. Harthacanute, e. Gunhilda of Denmark.

Project Members

David Usherwood.

Family Group Permissions


Naming Conventions

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