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This is a Merge Project page.

Naming Conventions

Most of the Alden/Mullins line uses the spellings Alden and Mullins so, unless there is a specific reason to use other variants, the standard will remain Alden and Mullins, for the central profiles at least.

Extent of Project

Project Members

Central Profiles

There are presently at least 60 copies of the Alden/Mullins (Mayflower) Tree on Geni. Each copy has between 20 to 1000 profiles in it, depending on how thorough and extensive it is.

Please be aware:

Due to the multiplicity of theories of John Alden's parentage (and a complete lack of evidence) we are not accepting parent links to John Alden at this time. The parent links found during merges will be deleted.

For more on the lack of evidence and multiplicity of theories visit Wikipedia's page here.


The following are currently listed as children of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins. As you can see, some of these profiles need to be merged, some data needs correcting, and some might need to be placed elsewhere on the tree. Let's clean up the tree as best we can.

Elizabeth Pabodie (1624-1717) <-- Elizabeth Alden... please use maiden names!

Joseph Alden, Sr. (1627-1695)

Sarah Standish (1630-1688) <-- Sarah Alden... please use maiden names!

John Alden (1627-1701)

Capt. Jonathan Alden (1632-1696)

                                     >> these two are the same

Jonathan Alden (1632-1697)

Ruth Alden (1634-1674)

David Alden (1635-1719)

Mary Alden (1636-1699)

Rebecca Delano (1637-1699) <-- Rebecca Alden... please use maiden names!

Incorrectly Linked Children

Hannah Alden (1618-1702) <- NOT a child of John and Priscilla

Timothy Alden (1618-1680) <- NOT a child of John and Priscilla

Timothy Alden (1623-1623) <- NOT a child of John and Priscilla

Zachariah Alden (1638-1688) <- NOT a child of John and Priscilla

Lydia Spooner (1652-) <- NOT a child of John and Priscilla

Thankful Alden <- NOT a child of John and Priscilla

James Alden (1627-1697) <- NOT a child of John and Priscilla

To Do

1.) Check and verify all connections (preferably against the Alden Kin master records)
2.) ???

List of duplicate copies

Remainder to Merge

  1. William Mullins managed by Devin Baldwin. Contacted, awaiting response
  2. William Mullins managed by David Kirk. Contacted, awaiting response
  3. William Mullins managed by Thomas Palmer.
  4. William Mullins managed by Riley Hope.
  5. William Mullins managed by Chrissy Coolidge.
  6. William Mullins managed by Stephen Hardgrave.
  7. John Alden managed by Tracy Whitman.
  8. John Alden managed by Pamela Bobinski.
  9. John Alden managed by David Kirk.
  10. John ALDEN (I) managed by Brandon Bascom.
  11. John Alden managed by Daniel Hills.
  12. John Alden managed by Richard W Wotherspoon.
  13. John Alden managed by Michael Reagan.
  14. John Alden managed by Greg Wadsworth.
  15. John Alden managed by Karen Plummer. Contacted, awaiting response
  16. John Alden managed by Charles Singley.
  17. John Alden managed by Carrie Rice.
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