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Current process

As of March 2015, Geni now supports both adoptive and foster relationships.

See for more information.

Past workaround

Before March 2015 there were several workarounds due to Geni not supporting adoptions at the time. Be aware that these profile workarounds may still be present on the tree.

Option 1
Add a spouse to the person adopted. (This will create an "alternate identity" Profile.)
Add the "Birth name" or "Adopted name" to the alternate identity created accordingly.
Mark "gender" as unknown (This will make the profile green in tree view.)
Now you can add the birth or adoptive parents and family to the alternate profile.
Option 2
Given an individual with one set of parents (biological or adoptive)
Find or create the other set of parents (adoptive or biological). If the other set of parents should not be connected to the tree other than through the adoptive relationship, 
temporarily create one of them as a sibling to one of the existing parents; this relationship will be removed at the end of this process.
Create another node for the individual in question by adding a child to the parents found or created above.
Merge the two child profiles
Click "Move this person" on the more menu, which creates a floating node in the sidebar on the right
Drag and drop that floating node onto the other child profile
Select "They are the same person"
You will be immediate prompted to resolve this "parent conflict" -- choose "complete it later" at the bottom of the dialog
Removed the bogus sibling relationship from step 1, if any
View the child's tree
Click the "edit" link on the node of one of the bogus siblings
Click the tab labeled "Relationships"
Wait 5-10 seconds for the site to find the cycle
Click the "Remove Connection" button next to the bogus parent-child relationship ("... is ...'s son/daughter")

If you used these options but would now like to use the new feature here is how you would fix this.

Option 1

  • Add the alternate profile to a spouse or partner of the the main profile.
  • In the relationship tab of the main profile, delete the relationship between the main profile and adoptive profile.
  • Merge the two profiles.
  • In Relationship tab, set the correct relationship of parents.

Option 2

  • In Relationship tab, set the correct relationship of parents.
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