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As most genealogy information is sourced from church records it would be useful with a page explaining the administrative divisions of countries through time to ensure the location fields are used rationally

Currently Geni allows following location fields:

  • Country - a political division of a geographical entity, a sovereign territory, most commonly associated with the notions of state or nation and government.
  • State/Province - the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation. Usually includes the set of institutions that claim the authority to make the rules that govern the people of the society in that territory
  • City - or Town (the traditional test was whether the town had a cathedral = city)
  • County - A county is generally a sub-unit of regional self-government within a sovereign jurisdiction. A tier of organization immediately below the statewide tier and above (where created) the municipal or civil township tier.

Table of administrative country subdivisions by country

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