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Geni now allows users to specify label / value pairs to be displayed on the profile page. These can be found at the bottom of the "edit basics" page. In order to prevent the profile pages from become too chaotic, Geni recommends the following guidelines:

1. Use sparingly! There are a few times (such as those listed below) where this feature makes sense, but in many cases it's best to just add descriptive information in the "About" biography.

2. Use standardized labels. Although this data is not aggregated, users will find it easier to work with each other if we can agree upon a few standard labels. Suggested labels are:

  • Tribe - for native tribe affiliation
  • House - for royal house designation
  • DVN - for de Villiers Pama numbering system

Curators and other users are encouraged to update the above list as more labels are standardized.

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