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How AJ Jacobs is related to Norway

Answer seems to be: Very far out.

Blood ancestors

Lateral links

  • Jo Benkow is A.J. Jacobs' great aunt's ex-husband's second cousin once removed's husband's second great uncle's wife's niece's ex-husband's sister's husband's nephew. (23 steps)
  • Haakon VII, Konge av Norge (King of Norway) is A.J. Jacobs' first cousin once removed's ex-husband's 6th cousin twice removed's husband's second cousin. (27 steps)

Stuff to search

  • Leslie Stefanson - Scandinavian name, A.J. Jacobs' first cousin once removed's ex-husband's fiancée (6 steps)
  • Samantha Swartout - American Jew who is related to Hege Karstensen, who is definitely Norwegian. Samantha's relationship to AJ is unknown.
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