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This is a Merge Project page.

Norwegian version

This project attempts to clean up the forest of duplicates and errors regarding Viking and Nordic Medieval ancestry. The project includes profiles from the earliest historical times in Scandinavia as well as mythical figures from this area. The main time period is from around 700 to 1350.

Central Profiles

Extent of Project and Cross-Over Profiles

The project touches the Anglo-Saxon Kings project, as well as the Legendary Danish Kings and we need to define cross-over profiles here. Our main time frame is between 700 and 1350, but some lines will go further back (with mythical literature as source) and others into later lines where the historical material is more extensive.

There will also be some cross-over with the Kings of Scotland Merge project

as well as the Dukes of Normandie, starting with Gange-Hrolf ‘Rollo’ Rangvaldsson, Duc de Normandie

People working on:

Project Members

  • Bjørn P. Brox, central administrator, moderator and coordinator, Norwegian Monarchs

Other members in alphabetical order, with fields of interest:

Family Group Permissions

Bjørn Brox has permission from most profile managers

Naming Conventions

See generic Naming Conventions page.

  • Main principles: Name as close to original name as possible, language, geography and time period to be taken into consideration
    • Nordic names for Nordic people
    • Titles usually go in the Last Name field
    • Patronymics in the Middle Name field
    • Adjust First Name field to avoid misunderstandings or mistaken identity where necessary, by adding order/number, byname, or patronymic if necessary
    • Maiden names are normally avoided as there were none at the time
    • All names a person is known by in any source listed in Nicknames: bynames, titles, variations


Our main sources are the sagas, and Scottish and Irish historical records:

For answers we try to avoid private ancestry pages without historical sources, as these are often full of errors.

  • Sturluson, Snorri. Heimskringla: History of the Kings of Norway. Original text in English, Norwegian and Icelandic or here
  • Anonym. Orkneysagaen
  • Anonym. Sunnmørsættleggen
  • Anderson, Alan Orr. Early Sources of Scottish History A.D 500–1286, volume 1. Paul Watkins, Stamford, 1990. ISBN 1-871615-03-8
  • Crawford, Barbara. Scandinavian Scotland. Leicester University Press, Leicester, 1987. ISBN 0-7185-1282-0
  • Ó Corrain, Donnchad. "The Vikings in Scotland and Ireland in the Ninth Century", Peritia, vol 12, pp 296–339.
  • Radner, Joan N. (editor and translator) (1978). "Fragmentary Annals of Ireland" CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts University College Cork.
  • Radner, Joan N. "Writing history: Early Irish historiography and the significance of form", Celtica, volume 23, pp. 312–325.
  • Smyth, Alfred P. Warlords and Holy Men: Scotland AD 80–1000. Reprinted, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 1998. ISBN 0-7486-0100-7
  • Dudo of St. Quentin 1015-1030 AD
  • Adam of Bremen


List of duplicate profiles

Beware of mixing the different lines even if people have similar names. Check parents, spouses, siblings and children, and sources before you merge. See list of direct ancestors of Harald Fairhair, including Halvdan Goldtooth, Solveig Halvdansdotter, Halvdan Olafsson Hvitbein and Eystein Halvdansson.

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