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Here we can discuss problems that arise in merges.

There will often be several different sources for an historical person's background, and when there are discrepancies, the different possibilities should be described in the About-section, with links and information.

Dummy profiles

Profiles that do not have any "real" information, and where there exist no sources: We should agree on terms for these. It seems impossible to have an empty node (add this person) for many of these, since so many people have added "something" for these profiles/boxes. Suggestions?

Naming Conventions

Main principles

  • Nordic names for Nordic people
  • Name as close to original name as possible, language, geography and time period to be taken into consideration
  • Titles usually go in the last name field
  • Patronymics together with first name to avoid misunderstandings or mistaken identity, otherwise put it in the "middle name" section.
  • All names a person is known by in any source listed in “nicknames”: bynames, titles, variations

Implications of this is that:

  • Modern English titles/salutations like Miss, Mrs, etc can NOT be used, and should be edited to NN in the "first name" field where no name is known.
  • A wife or mistress of man called "Erik Ragnvaldsson" as patronymic, can not be a "Ragnvaldsson" or "Ragnvaldsdotter" - could she be called "Erik's wife" - or what? Opinions please.



  • Larsson (Old Norse, Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish) son of Lars
  • Larsen (Danish, Norwegian bokmål after ab 1700)
  • Larsdóttir (Old Norse, Icelandic) daughter of Lars
  • Larsdotter (Norwegian, Swedish)
  • Larsdatter (Danish, Norwegian bokmål after ab 1700)
  • Larsdtr (common abbreviation covers all three forms above)

--Ambivaline 23:56, 21 April 2009 (PDT)

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