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There is some ambiguity here. I do not have data on this country but here are some, hopefully helpful, suggestions:

  1. The languages section should focus on what languages are spoken rather than not speaking English.
  2. Often the term Russia was used to describe the U.S.S.R. although this was/is incorrect. Here again it could be construed incorrectly. If we refer to the U.S.S.R. we might want to include all the countries (link to the wikipedia article) and refer to it by its full name or Soviet Republics.
  3. References are needed for many of the statements or they should be clarified. Terms like "ignorance" and "'wrong' classes" are not unbiased terms in their present usage and may be offensive. Try to explain why these things were done the way they were/are, the culture. Mention of the predominant religion would be helpful (Russian Orthodox Church?)
  4. Another reference to American/English culture to be removed. This is another biased comparison of culture.
  5. I assume we are referring to the religion or church when using the acronym LDS, not a society. Whereas the forwarding link states a single person (Latter Day Saint). The religion should be referred to by its full name. Also, articles show the religion has been in Russia for more than 100 years although active proselytizing was curtailed at the height of Soviet rule.

The Latter Day Saint page was my bad, I'm not much for religion and didn't really know how to place it. Thanks for the fix. BTW Who wrote this :D?(Signature button is the second from the right.) --jon.jaques 10:40, 19 August 2007 (PDT)
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