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My mother's surname was Katz, She came from a very small town in NNW of Hungary, called Fulesd, near Kolcse She had a sister who got adopted by an Engel family.The sister's name was Margit. Her nickname was Manyika. They were children of (Chaim) Majer Katz and Hedwig (Frankel) Katz. Originally 10 children were born to them but only 4 are known to have left Europe. The 2 brothers, Andy Katz and Imre (Ray) Katz went to USA and 2 of the sisters, Giselle (Gizi) Lendvai and Betty Adelist, went to Australia.The adoptions occurred as the parents, Majer and Hedwig, died young. Gizi was only eleven.c.1936. All trace of Margit and Irene were lost around the time of WWII. Any one with any knowledge please contact me....suzy7@bigpond.net.au

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