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'Høgsbro' is a danish surname and directly translated to english it would be 'Hawk's bridge' ('Høg' - hawk, 'bro' - bridge)


'Høgsbro' is a small village in the south eastern part of Jutland, Denmark. [1]


'Høxbroe' is an older versions of the same name. Sofus Høxbroe [2] changed his family name to 'Høgsbro' in 1848 influenced by Rasmus Rasks suggestions to revise danish spellings.

The anglification of 'Høgsbro' is either "Hogsbro" or "Hoegsbro". The wovel 'ø' (sounds most like the vowel in 'bird' or 'hurt')[3] is replaced with vowel 'o' or the diphthong 'oe'.

'Hogsborough' is a common spelling mistake by english speakers.

Ancestral traceability

The oldest recorded carrier of the surname is Hans Thomsen Høxbroe [4] born approx. 1650 and died February 3, 1705 in Vejle, Denmark. He was presumably a son af Thomas Hansen Høxbroe, farmer in the village of Høgsbro, Hvidding Sogn ved Ribe that died 1659.


Sofus Høgsbro has a family of 1619 people (Nov 2007) registered in Geni whereof blood relatives counts for 1095

Sofus Høgsbro has 28 ancestors and 988 descendants (12 children (3 sons and 9 daughters) with :

Ingeborg Høgsbro (1853-1948) 0 Descendants
Svend Høgsbro (1855-1910) 173 Descendants
Gudrun Holm (1856-1938) 244 Descendants
Hjalmar Høgsbro (1858-1936) 15 Descendants
Estrid Bennike (1860-1944) 49 Descendants
Hilda Dalsgaard (1861-1962) 20 Descendants
Sigrid Østergaard (1863-1957) 34 Descendants
Olav Høgsbro (1865-1952) 149 Descendants
Valborg Milthers (1867-1951) 78 Descendants
Signe Stenvang (1869-1935) 16 Descendants
Ædele Kelstrup (1871-1968) 142 Descendants
Ragnhild Frimodt-Møller(1874-1966)58 Descendants

Noticable/Influenceable people

Sofus Høgsbro 18/07/1822-15/01/1902 [5] Speaker of Folketinget, the national parliament of Denmark, 17 April, 1895 to 4 October, 1901

Svend Høgsbro 04/06/1855-05/05/1910 [6] Justice Minister of Denmark October 28, 1909 – July 5, 1910

Estrid Geertsen 01/08/1904 [7] made a tandem parachute jump on September 30, 2004 from an altitude of 4,000 m (13,100 ft) over Roskilde, Demark, at the age of 100 years 60 days.

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