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Bulgarian is a Slavic language, written in the Cyrillic alphabet. The proper encoding is Windows-1251, but UTF8 should be better.

General considerations

  • In Bulgaria, people have three names: first, middle and family name. The first name is also called a personal name. The middle name is also called a patronymic and is based on the name of your father.


    • Grandfather: Kiril Kolev Popov
    • Father: Ivan Kirilov Popov
    • Son: Petar Ivanov Popov
    • Daughter: Maria Ivanova Popova
  • For certain period of time it was common to use father's father first name for the children as family name.


    • Grandfather: Vasil Kolev Stoianov
    • Father: Tanio Vasilev Stoianov
    • Son: Evgeni Tanev Vasilev
  • In many Slavic languages, the patronymics and family names of women differ from those of men. In Bulgarian, the difference is an additional "a" at the end.


    • Man: Kiril Popov
    • Woman: Maria Popova

  • A maiden name is the family name of a woman (i.e. the family name of her father), before she's married. The maiden name of married women is not written in the passport or other official documents. It is the usual practice (although not a legal requirement) for the wife to take the family name of her husband.


    • Maria Ivanova marries Kiril Popov and her family name changes to Maria Popova

  • Many family relations have explicit names in Bulgarian, beyond the classic "in-laws" in English. Here's a list of titles in Bulgarian. This cannot be translated directly and will probably have to wait for a Bulgarian interface in Geni before we can use them. A simple example from the list:
    • Dever - the brother of woman's husband
    • Zulva - the sister of woman's husband
    • Shurei - the brother of man's wife
    • Balduza - the sister of man's wife

Date format

  • 23:45 for time
  • 31.12.2007 for date, 31.12.07 also
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