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Variations: Biel, Biele, Bielle, Biehl, Biehlle, Bihli, Buhlin, Byhlin
Origin: unknown
Related Users: none
Geni Database: Biehle


1. possibly a topographic name from Biel ‘sloping rock’, or a habitational name from any of several places called Bielau, in Silesia, or Biehla in eastern Germany, or Biele on the Oder river.

2. (Westphalia) topographic name for someone who lived by a field that had the shape of a hatchet, from Middle Low German bil ‘hatchet’, ‘axe’.

3. in southern Germany, a variant of Bühl (see Buehl).

4. habitational name from places so named in Baden and Bavaria. [1].

Statistically, it is the 26,894th most popular surname in the United States.[1]


The Biehle family hails (mostly) from the Baden-Württemberg area in southwestern Germany. Many originated in the Kaiserstuhl area (Riegel, Endingen, Forchheim, etc.) in the Upper Rhine Valley, but others come from farther north in the Black Forest (Renchen, Achern, Kappelrodeck, Oberkirch, Appenweier, and Rheinau).

Biehles migrated to the United States in the early part of the 19th century and settled in Missouri (St. Louis, Boonville, and further south), Ohio (Cincinnati), and possibly Louisiana. Some founded the village of Biehle,_Missouri in Perry County (about 25 miles north of Cape Girardeau, MO).

Coat of Arms


No authoritative crest or coat of arms for the Biehle Family has been found. Stats

As of 09/21/2008 there are 58 profiles on with the surname BIEHLE, 36 with the surname BIHLI - also see Biehle Geni Search Results.


Biel, Biele, Bielle, Biehl, Biehlle, Bihli, Buhlin, Byhlin

Famous Persons


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